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Readings, Books, and Events... 


    All three volumes of God Given, Answers To Your Questions, are now available. Please read them in order. This material is dictated and truly inspired. Angels see our world from a higher vantage point, so their solutions are profound. I access this wisdom in the form of intuitive (angel) readings. They reveal the life lessons -- the soul contracts at work.


   Readings are by appointment only. I ask your questions and then share valuable insights and words of comfort that come to me through my intuition. I also teach angel-guided meditation using Light to fill the body and move out stagnation. These tools are quite powerful. 


   The workshops, held at Awakenings Bookstore in Laguna Hills, will resume some time later this year. My writing projects with Yeshua take precedence. I post them on Angels and Intuition Facebook page and the Sedona Journal of Emergence. I am always available for healing sessions. If you would like to schedule a reading, please email me from the contact page.

Angel Messages...

   Every month, I send out messages from angels to my subscribers. (I will post archives shortly.) Their observations are timely and surprisingly personal. Their wisdom is beneficial... it is comforting to all. If you would like to be added to the list, please go to the home page and click the subscribe button.~

Healing Tools 

The Language of Angels Is Eloquent and Comforting


Angel Readings – An Overview  


   An intuitive or angel reading is a unique form of guidance and a wonderful tool for healing. They are empowering to the seeker, helping to facilitate healing of Body and Mind. 


   Most of us have questions about our health or love life, our job, a pet, or life purpose. Having access to the answers is a remarkable gift. Readings offer clarity and comfort when we need it most.    


   It is my belief that each of has several angel guides that are here to help us. They are ready to provide answers and assistance, but they must be asked first. That’s where a communicator can be of service. My job is to translate for them. I also empower people by giving them the tools to access this wisdom for themselves.


   The process is this: I ask your questions and then wait for an answer. I receive messages in the form of words and sentences. I continue to write until the information is complete, which is usually about an hour for a full session. Readings offer a unique perspective and can assist you in making life-changing decisions.    


   Readings are often deep and may reveal behavioral patterns that have become blocks.  Forgiveness is key when revisiting old memories. Know that the process is angel-guided so it is always safe. As liaison, it is my honor and privilege to assist you.


  Blessings ~ Denise


Connect With Your Angel Guides…


  First, state your intention. Do you want to hear what they have to say? Then just ask. You can begin with something small like asking where you left your keys or which route to take on your travels. Start a conversation. Don’t judge your question… any subject is fine. Have fun with it. It’s not a chore so don’t be stressed. Just focus on becoming still and trusting them to show you the way.


  That inner guidance is also called our intuition. It is gentle voice. If what you hear is loud or insistent, it’s not coming from a higher place. The ego offers us the worst advice. So when in doubt, do the opposite!


  Angels are respectful and patient, and their solutions bring peace. These loving Beings of Light are watching over you and me. They rejoice in your accomplishments and comfort you when you need it most. Their gentle nudging turns into inspired ideas. They have an answer to every question you could possibly think of. So when you’re ready, speak to them and ask for guidance. Then be still. Soon you’ll feel their loving presence and hear their eloquent words of wisdom.~

Animal Communication…Helping Pets Stay Healthy


  I’ve loved animals ever since I can remember. After my beloved dog passed away, I read a book entitled, Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone. His wonderful stories helped open the door to inter-species communication.


  On a road trip, I saw a herd of sheep. Some of them were pushing around an older one. So I said, “Hey, what are you doing?” The herd turned in my direction. They studied me as I told the sheep to stop bullying and to my surprise, the mob disbanded. From that point on, I could talk to animals. 


  Whenever I do a communication, I call on guidance from my angels. I state my question and sit quietly and write as words come into my mind. The answers are relevant and profound. These intuitive readings are an integral part of my healing work.


  I love working with companion animals because they are tolerant and forgiving, and give us so much joy! They help us with our life lessons. Animals respond to kindness. Sometimes they just need to be heard. So I’m patient and respectful. These are the keys to good communication.  


  Using a holistic approach, I look at diet, changes in the home, and check for emotional issues. I worked with a Chow that barked excessively… she was afraid of everything. I decided to speak to her remotely, so I left the house. I listened as she told me of her past mistreatment. I reassured her that the new family would never harm her. When I returned, she surprised us by not barking. Within a week, the dog was exploring the front yard and going on walks for the first time. 


  Most animals are social by nature; pens and cages can be isolating for them. So I encourage people to connect with other pet owners and make time for play dates. They want to enjoy nature and sunshine just like us. With a few changes, we can create a better life for the animals in our care.

  I also help animals make their transition. Sometimes they are suffering and we aren’t sure if we should intervene. So I ask what they prefer. The answers are such a relief for pet owners. I feel honored to be a part of the process. Even as the life comes to a close, there’s beauty and a sense that all is perfect.


  This gift of clairsentience is truly remarkable. I really couldn’t have imagined anything so personally satisfying for my life’s work. Wherever I go, people are moved by animal stories. It is a reawakening, lighting the way toward greater expansion of our circle of compassion.~


Things You Can Do To Make Life Better For Your Pet…


  If an animal is in your care, they are entirely dependent on you for their needs and quality of life. How can you make sure you’re doing what you can to give them a good life? First, become an observer.


  What kind of animal (personality, not just species) do you share your life with? Is he/she happier with company or are they more of a loner? Is he playful and fun-loving or a thinker? Does he have enough to keep his mind occupied? What kind of food do you feed her? Are there health problems? Take a look around your home. Are there play areas and toys? Watch this animal closely. What is she passionate about? If you have a dog, he probably loves to explore the sounds and smells in the garden. How does this animal spend his/her day?


  These are great questions and the answers will reveal what steps you can take to make improvements to give your pet a more fulfilling life.~


Create Peace Where You Live And Work…


  From time to time, we have disagreements with people. It isn’t easy to say what we want. If you express your feelings with your supervisor, you may endanger your job. Or you may hurt a loved one if you’re honest about something they did. More importantly, a face-to-face meeting may be too risky for obvious reasons. So here’s something you can do that allows you that expression in a safe environment.


  I’ve shared this little gem with my clients over the years. The power this exercise has to affect change is truly astounding. You simply call this person into your mind and have a conversation with them. Do this in the evening when it’s quiet to avoid distractions. I light a candle and some sage. I also invite my angels. They are there regardless. But it reminds me that my intention is to find a peaceful solution. So I remain open and loving.


  In your mind’s eye, envision the person at your door. Respectfully invite them to come in and sit down. Ask them to listen and then say everything that’s in your heart. You may speak aloud or in silence. The point is to hold nothing back. If they’ve hurt you, then say it. The person may be deceased; it doesn’t matter. Speak the words until you have said all you need to. Do not rush this important step. Now pause a moment and then ask them if they would like to speak. Wait patiently for their reply. This is a safe environment, so let them answer. You will be amazed at how much healing can come from this simple act of faith and surrender.


  Release work is usually quite emotional, so if I assist, we work over the phone to give each other space. Take your time. The hurt feelings may stem from your childhood. You are tapping into some painful memories so honor that. Know that in the past, you weren’t able to speak up, so let go of any judgment or guilt you have been harboring. Forgiveness is key.


  Once he or she has spoken, thank the person for coming. You will probably feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders. If the conversation was with someone who is currently in your life, you may be surprised by the changes in your relationship. You can repeat this exercise as needed. Know that you have the power to create a more peaceful life, and what I’ve described here can help you do just that.~

Understanding Prayer…


  I’d like to offer some clarity about prayer. Most people see it as asking God for something, like when we were children, wanting things from our parents. And if we don’t receive what we’ve prayed for, then we aren’t happy, thinking our Father doesn’t love us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are misunderstanding our life lessons and the purpose of prayer.


  This is my belief: We are here to learn and grow as spiritual beings. We choose most of what we will accomplish prior to the life. So in the case of a loved one who is ill, for example, we are inclined to pray for their recovery. But we aren’t in charge of that soul. The individual, on a conscious level, is unaware of his own chosen curriculum. So they, too, pray to rid themselves of the illness.


  Everything has purpose in the life. Illness may have been selected by the soul to motivate or keep them focused during a growth phase. It may also be used as a form of expression to release anger and resentment. So rather than pray for a certain outcome, ask for clarity. Ask to be shown the lesson and that will bring peace of mind.


  This approach is probably quite different than what you are accustomed to. But once you begin, you'll be amazed at what can come of it. See life’s perfection in the tapestry. I suggest the next time you have a prayer need, ask how you can see the situation from a higher perspective. Come from selflessness and ask how you can help. Then be still and listen. You’re now tapping into something truly miraculous.


  Trust that all is perfect. Regardless of appearances, know that the Soul you are praying for is in full control of what they’re going through. That’s a tall order, but start where you are and allow for your wisdom and understanding to unfold at your own pace. The day will come when you are able to help bring calm and peace to frightened minds. There is no death, so even when a soul leaves, you can comfort those who remain behind.~

Angels, people are in fear regarding flu. This reading is to help calm the masses…


   Dear Ones, you are in a heavy dust storm. You cannot see what is before you. It is a time to trust. The debris that is all around you, is of your own design. You look to the left and to the right, and across the globe to lay blame. But your approach is flawed. Let us bring clarity and solve the problem.


   First, be still. Take a breath and close your eyes. Turn off the electronics and television sets. You do not need to be informed on the hour of what is happening and what to do. You already know. Tune in. Now, what is your real query?


   You believe you are asking about a flu epidemic. Who will catch it next? How many will die? What should you stock up on? Will your economy bounce back? And so on. Now, Dear Children… look beyond this seemingly sensible array of questions to what lies beneath. You have access to the Shared [Sacred] Pool of Knowledge. It is a vast storehouse of information and wisdom. Yet you pretend not to know of its existence. Let us now help you.


   We return to the basics. You cannot die, Dear Ones. The vehicle – the body – allows for exploration and learning… to engage while in human form. The classroom is temporary. Everything you see is part of the illusion, to flesh out the experience. Now, what is happening currently with this flu? Do you know why it is here? And who is the author of this chapter in your history? Here is your answer.


   You brought it into being, all of you. If you will recall, you are nearly 8 billion Points of Light… the One Begotten Son of God. All of you in your entirety. [Yeshua speaking] You believe I am His Son, and you are lesser than. Mere dust. But as I have stated before, my brothers… you are stardust! You are facets of the One Great Gemstone. Accept this now, for it is your Truth! You and I are One. Never forget that. I live! Do not wait for my return. I am here!


   You speak my name and you wear the symbol of my crucifixion. But your focus should be on my resurrection and the life you live today with me. I am beside you as we speak. Can you not feel my presence? You are distracted. Cease the habit, to silence your Inner Knowing… the Voice of God.


   Now let us bring comfort and solution to the matter at hand. [Angels] You have placed your faith and loyalty in the hands of world leaders, your medical community, and television personalities. Are you content with these providers of information? If so, then augment your decision with this affirmation:


I am safe. I offer myself in service to those in need. And I give my surplus goods and dollars to those who are suffering. I trust that this flu is Divinely orchestrated to help us move to the next rung [of our spiritual evolution]. I am loved beyond measure by The Father. And so it is.


   Use whatever language you feel appropriate, Dear Ones. We are Light… and Love… same as you. Now we speak to the shepherds.


   Stand tall and move to the front of the room. This is your place and it is time to speak. You are the Voice of Calm; of Peace. You are to help those in fear, to remember who they are. Do not delay. Retire the games and numerous distractions, as your talents are needed elsewhere. This is not a call for the narrow-minded. Reach across to all shapes and colors, from every corner of your planet. Recognize your Self in these brothers. Include every beating Heart, for they are glorious reflections of you! That is how you will bring this chapter to a close.


   Bless the process and give what you can. Have faith, Dear Ones. It will soon be over… a thing of the past, along with all other fear-based events. Learn from it and you will not need to repeat it. We leave you with this:


   All souls decide how and when to leave the life. Some will choose this flu to make their transition. Learn to communicate without the body and you will not fear their passing, nor your own. Call on us anytime. We are here.~


Thank you, Yeshua and angels.

PEACE AND CLARITY --- reading for Covid-19                   March 31, 2020 (Facebook)

Angels, our flu deaths are rising. Do you have advice? 


   Yes, Dear Ones. Be still. Turn off the television sets and electronics and tune in. This requires discipline. Are you willing to tap into your power? This extraordinary event is your creation. Take no sides; draw no conclusions. Drop your knee-jerk judgments and just listen.


Now why do you suppose you -- all of you -- created the thing that is drawing so much attention? Can you guess? Have you not lost your way, Dear Children? Have you not lost sight of what is important?


You wish for something greater... and here it is! Something to ground you and bring you back to your Self. Look beyond the surface turmoil to the gem that lies beneath. Listen now with an open heart.


This epidemic of yours is designed with great purpose. It is a powerful tool to reconnect the Children of God, brother to brother. So how can you move through this heavy lesson while remaining isolated in your homes? We have an answer.


Use your God-given minds and visualize your coming together in Love. That is the only remedy you need. But while you live in your world of duality, you must keep one foot in the illusion. So continue with your protocols... the washing of hands and taking tests, wearing masks and keeping your distance. And all the while, recall who and what you are. Love, Dear Ones... that is all and everything.


Remember that there is no death. You are eternal. So be kind and compassionate as the hospital beds fill up, knowing each soul chooses when and how to leave the life. That is on a soul level. We leave you with this.


Envision a blanket of Peace and Loving Comfort laying over each and every worried brother. Send him Light. And keep your houses clean. Drop the habits (food/drink/drug) and conversation that breed fear. Remain calm... a pillar of faith. For you are the shepherds. Join together and increase your Light, and you will pass this test with flying colors.


Call on us whenever there is need. We are here. Blessings to all.~


Thank you, angels.

Understanding What You Are Witnessing...  (Angels and Intuition FB post 6/4/20)

(Yeshua speaking)

Let us now look with new eyes upon the thing you detest. The uprising has two components: those who are wanting to correct injustice and those merely seeking attention. We shall address the latter...

These brothers are bored and restless, wanting to turn the spotlight on themselves. They pilfer and destroy property but have no true cause. Do not condemn them. Bless these lost souls. They are young... searching for themselves among the rubble.

Now we address the brothers who are calling for fairness following the death of one of their own. These souls must be heard. They are kin, do you not see that? You have been all colors and all ages, rich and poor, from every part of the world.

This is your greatest sin... to see yourselves as separate. If you hate, then you grow disease in the body. Do you understand? We are teaching you a vital principle that will serve you in human life.

Soon it will be over and you will wish you had another day to make it right. Do not wait, Dear Ones. Seek answers in the stillness. Ask for us. We are here. Now lay a gentle blanket of peace, of Light, over every sister and brother. Turn off your television sets and take a breath.

Go to the seas and the forests and hills to hear the wisdom emanating from every ancient tree and rock and river. Every need you have has already been provided for. You are part of the Great and Glorious Tapestry!

Lift yourselves, Dear Children. Learn the lesson that is before you. Clean your house and wash my feet. Do not wait for me... I am here! Seek me often. Blessings to all, the Children of God.~

From Angels, for Clarity and Peace (posted to FB 6/27/20)


Dear Ones, you have once again succumbed. You watch your television sets and keep abreast on the latest news by clutching your electronic devices... and what has that accomplished? Are you more wise? Do you feel at peace? We know your answer.

So take a breath and be still as we guide you through the mire. Turn off your devices and come to the Light. What does that mean, exactly? It means you let go the ego and all its machinations... its cries that the sky is falling. Now take another breath. What do you hear?


We are here, Dear Children. We are always here, ready to help when you surrender lower mind, the mind of fear and hate. Come into the Light means you come to God, the Creator, to Yeshua, to Lord, the Master. To Mother-Father, the Divine. What you call us does not matter. We are Beings of Light, and we are here to help.


Many beings are here on your planet to help you move through this all-important phase of your spiritual development. Drop the taking of sides and your many efforts to fight the "enemy." You are all One... can you not see that? It is time you recognized your connection with all. Affirm this very moment that you are safe. Embrace the lost and sound asleep, for they are soon to awaken.


Your glorious transformation is in the making. Send Light to every nook and cranny... and watch as the Great Tapestry unfolds! You are blessed. Thank God for that, and move gracefully and confidently on your perfect path.~

Message From Yeshua, Sept. 2020

Yeshua... do you have any advice for us today?

Of course, Dear Ones. We see a great wave of energy surging toward your blue planet. It is filled with Love and Light. Do not fear what is to come. You are all part of the Great Awakening... every one of you. Do you understand?

Not one of you is left out. Not the atheist or thief, nor the lost soul begging on the street. Truly, there are no lost souls. So begin to allow for Oneness-- the rejoining of all the 8 billion pieces of God.

It is the sacred transformation. So be still and count your blessings. The life is perfect, just as it is. Open your hearts and embrace the beauty that is everywhere, even in the chaos. It requires faith and a loving heart-- to see the perfection and beauty.

If you wish to have peace, you will look past what appears ugly. Know that wisdom is cultivated; it is part of spiritual maturity. Make that your focus, Dear Ones, and all the threads of the Great Tapestry will come into view for all to see. It is glorious!

Message From Angels, Oct. 2020

What can you do today to solve the very problems you assign to others? Participate, Dear Ones. If you cannot travel, then bring your hearts to the table. Be there in Spirit. Your intention drives the behavior, do you see? And what do you wish to solve? Ah, now we are getting somewhere.


You believe the problem is "out there." But we tell you truly. It lies WITHIN. Ego has convinced you that your problems would be solved, if not for the bad behavior of your brother. But you do not realize your brother is YOU. So let us now solve this. Here is your answer. You are to bless each and every unpleasant and hurtful thing. You are not better than your brother. You are a part of one another; the fragmented Son of God. Spend just 5 minutes in silence and ask for guidance.


Say these words: "I am One with my brother. We are perfect and brilliant Points of Light, beloved by the Father. I forgive you as I forgive myself. Nothing can change our destiny, to sit beside Him in Heaven." This means all His children, not a chosen few. So drop the idea of judgment [condemnation] and you begin to heal the separation that has plagued you for eons. Now take a breath, Dear Ones. You are free.~

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