The World You See Is But A Glimpse 

Of The Magnificence and Splendor

Of Heaven.

It Is Possible To Exist In Both Places

At The Same Time.

Retrain Your Eyes To See

Beyond The Illusion.

Your Heart Knows How To Do This...

It Is The True Navigator.

Your World Will Transform

And You Will Again Discover

The Wonder And Beauty Ever-Present.

Goat, Chicken & Piglet

Intelligent Elephants

   Welcome, Dear Friends. We are experiencing an important transformation... our ascension into the next realm. It is not to be feared. Any pain comes from our resistance. My guides say, the best place to ride out a storm is the center. We are to center ourselves in truth. That gives us a sense of peace. Remember that God uses all events for our highest good. Evil cannot last; it is fleeting. We are witnessing the stage and all its players. That includes every one of us. Let us have faith; be courageous and speak our truth. Don't wait for someone else. We must flood this planet with Light. With Love. Our beautiful new world awaits!

   Healing of our planet begins with the Self. Guardian Angels are here for us. They are amazing teachers, offering clarity and comfort. These Beings of Light assist us with our life lessons. We are all pieces of God. A Great Gemstone... the 8 billion shining Points of Light!  

   We are all part of the Great global shift. This is a reconnection of the Heart. I wish you joy, prosperity, and good health! Note: God Given, Answers To Your Questions is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other sellers. Angel messages are posted on Telegram and Twitter. I will resume my workshops, teaching sacred principles and building a healing community. To schedule a reading or speaking engagement, please use the contact page. I receive guidance and comfort in silence and then deliver your message... in-person in Southern California or remotely from anywhere.~ 




a special soul who came to teach me about love. 


elegant beasts. 


a sensitive animal.