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   Denise Bennett is a healing intuitive and author. She was raised in Orange County in a creative home with lots of pets. It was an ideal environment for a 

sensitive soul. In college, she studied fine art and music, but soon became interested in the healing arts.


   Over the next several years, Denise learned about living foods, embracing the world of intuitive healing and animal communication. Her personal journey led her to write a raw food recipe book and record healing music among the Red Rocks of Sedona.

   Upon her return to California, Denise brought back with her a new understanding. She says, "Only the clean slate can be written upon."


   In 2016, she earned a doctorate in holistic nutrition. In 2017, Denise received "God Given, Answers To Your Questions." The book was dictated to her by her angel guides. She is passionate about healing and encourages others to discover their own intuitive abilities.~


Member, Int'l Natural Healers Assoc.


Member, Assoc. of Animal Behavior Professionals

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