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   As a healing intuitive, I'm able to hear and communicate with Beings of Light. Readings are answers to your questions, given to me by these wise and gentle teachers. A reading is a wonderful tool for navigating in the world. It offers much-needed guidance and comfort... such insight and profound advice! Their words are specifically intended for the seeker. On this page, you will also find the God Given books -- our first collaboration -- along with CDs, a natural health program, and healing kits. For speaking engagements or consulting, please contact me. Blessings.~ Denise

Angel Readings ​


    Intuitive or angel readings are an amazing source of information. The guidance is truly profound and always beneficial. But you have to participate! This is not fortunetelling. Readings are safe and comforting. It's like a map to help us navigate this life, which can feel chaotic at times.


   Angels are gentle and respectful teachers. If you'd like direction and assurance from the one source that knows you better than you know yourself, contact me and I'll assist you. It is my joy to empower you!


    We speak briefly over the phone and then I do the reading in complete silence. I enjoy discussing the reading over coffee with my clients that live locally. Note that follow up readings are half price. 

​$ 165

Animal Communication 

   The world of interspecies communication is vast and truly fascinating. Animal beings have so much to teach us. They are intelligent and sensitive, patient and giving. Companion animals in particular help us with our life lessons. 


  If your pet is exhibiting unusual behavior, it's smart to use a holistic approach to see what's going on. Remember that there is always an emotional component underneath any physical symptom.


  Animal communicators are a great help to assist with grief and painful memories... things that traditional health professionals do not always address. I'm also able to help when animals are nearing transition. These decisions are often difficult to make. An intuitive can speak to the animal and help the human respect their wishes.



CDs & Books $20

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Health Program, Kits, Books ​ 

   The 7-Day Natural Health Program is intended for people who are in need of a diet/lifestyle change. We start with a reading. The program includes an in-home demonstration of recipe preparation, shopping advice, assessment, and support. (Prepared meals are extra).


   I work holistically, so we will also look at the emotions and behavioral patterns which might be contributing factors. It's a powerful step toward greater health and well-being.


   The Healing Kit also includes a reading. It is designed specifically for the individual requesting it. The various items used address different areas of the physical and etheric bodies so that the form (cells) can slough off old material, stagnant energy, and painful memories so it can begin rebuilding. The process is really quite miraculous. Cost is $450.


  Feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs and goals. Then you can decide if what I offer here is a good fit for you.



Note: For music bookings and speaking engagements, please complete the form on the contact page. Thank you.








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